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Americans Elected Alternative Nomination Process

January 3, 2012

(Discussion about this Concept of Alternative Nomination Process).

Your Ideas of criticism is important.

Thomas Jefferson stated, “Information is the currency of Democracy”.

George Hernandez

Concept good-intentioned but would not work without eventually giving all the power to a few states (aka popular vote). Need to activate a system that allows for anyone to run ( free equal ad & debate time on PBS perhaps) and still incorpo…rates a electoral college which has a fair representation of the voting demographic. The system presented on attached link is easily¬†susceptible to information bias and will render worst results than the two-party system we have now. Money would be able to negate the separation of the Congress and Executive and judicial branches. They would all think alike.


Manu Martinez: United Citizens (Corporate Person) vs FEC (Super Pac and other large Propaganda monies) Stipends candidates that supports there interests, even within there own party…Iowa caucus, SuperPac ads, Romney vs Gu… Obama followed to support the bail out of the banks, Wall Street people. And its Wall Street players who Obama gets Campaign Money. So like the 660 Billion Military Bill he signed, who makes money off the Military Industrial complex? In a nut shell, its the Common vs. Special Interests.

  1. Wm Habing permalink

    It might be good to think about complete abandonment of the present system, replace it with a direct democracy where we can labor till we reach consensus. Representative forms of democracy could create a system that is easily corrupted. Until we deal with the greed in our own hearts, moving ahead should be done with caution.
    There are also thoughts floating around about new society that would withdraw from the present political system. It may be safe to say the whole world needs an overhaul. Difficulties will be many as one tries to undue years of incorrect thinking, and practice. The real question is, will a system that involves money, (paid officers) be resistant to greedy partakers?
    your friend bill habing

    • I think you are stating a new Human Foundation to build upon.

      Our Earth which all inter-dependently species live (Debatable), we can correct our present and future. We need to look at ourselves and what is really needed to change in ourselves in order to proceed to a better future.

      Human species have desires and the choices made are not always best of interest to themselves and to others (Within your household or in another part of the world). For example, USA and other industrialized and emerging nations are creating a demand on the Earth’s ecosystem which is causing Climatic changes (According to World renowned Climate scientists, hense Kyota Treaty).

      These climatic changes due to nations’ CO2 (Global Warming) emissions is creating weather patterns of frequent and extreme droughts, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes throughout the world.
      These climatic changes is affecting our earth’s ecosystem which all species will have to adapt to for survival, possibly become on the endangered list or become instinct.

      What is our back up plan due what is happening? Is it to late?
      Our economic systems must be in balance with our ecosystems. Our human species values must coincide with ecosystems as in ‘Sustainable Economies’. Our children have plenty of lifestyle value changing otherwise the inevitable will happen – struggling for the earth life resources.

      I agree with the philosophy which you hold, “Love and Peace”. I know these words are very abstract but lets say, less is more and think for the future generations who will inherit our earth.

      Worldpeace 2012

  2. Wm Habing permalink

    Why would an opinin need to be moderated?

  3. We do not want SPAM. This Blog is progressing slowly and will require more people to monitor the blog to answer all questions for people, etc.
    Thanks for your input. Keep it going.

  4. Wm Habing permalink

    thank you for your kind reply.

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