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Occupy Protesters Shut Down Major West Coast Ports, Targeting Goldman Sachs

Occupy Protesters Shut Down Major West Coast Ports, Targeting Goldman Sachs: “Ows_occupy_ports_west_coast

The Occupy Wall Street movement moved from the streets to the docks on Monday with a series of actions along the West Coast, including San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Portland, Tacoma, Longview, Seattle, Bellingham, Anchorage and Vancouver. Many actions led to confrontations with police, resulting in scores of arrests, and in some cases, the use of pepper spray and flash grenades on demonstrators. Several ports were forced to temporarily cease operations, with terminals in Portland and Seattle completely shut down. In Oakland, an evening march to the port was led by Scott Olsen, the Marine Corps veteran struck in the head in October allegedly by a police projectile. For more, we are joined by Jorge Gonzalez of Iraq Veterans Against the War. ‘I see the struggle that’s going on with the port workers and the truck drivers down in Seattle and across the West Coast,’ Gonzalez says, who was pepper-sprayed on Monday while taking part in the Seattle protest. ‘They deal with the same issues, like mental health, homelessness. Veterans, they see themselves connected with all these issues.’ We also speak with Anthony Leviege, a dockworker at the Oakland port and member of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. [includes rush transcript]

(Via Democracy Now!.)


To the Gilroy Community:

To The Gilroy Community:

The Occupy Gilroy movement is a group of concerned citizens,

gatheringfor a peaceful excercise  of their first amendment rights,

‘freedom of speechand assembly’. We have been inspired by the

larger Occupy taking place inmany cities across the country. We

are currently investigating our legal rights(with National Legal

Guild) and our community leaders about Gilroy’s city ordinances

to camp at Public locations. This Gilroy event will be a gathering

for civic actionand discussion, and not physical occupation (as of

date of this Letter of Intention).Everyone is welcome to come and

express their freedom of speech and rights to assembly.

The larger Occupy Movement has many concerns because of the

complexity ofproblems faced in our nation. Overall this event will

focus on a few key concerns.

During assembly,discussion about any concerns that will directly impact the

future of our community will be addressed.

As of now, we have identified four key concerns:
1. There should be a constitutional amendment that disallows a corporation to

be defined as a person.

2. There should be taxation reform so that all income brackets are taxed fairly.

3. There should be affordable college education to ensure our children’s future livelihood.

4. Banks should be more regulated with laws such as The Glass-Steagall Act.

Your presence to participate is patriotic and an American tradition of civic engagement
and exercising your constitutional rights, freedom of speech and right to assembly.

To contact Occupy Gilroy, visit and

Please join us with your concerns and share your knowledge to make our nation and
community a better one for the future of all our children.

Thank you,
Gilroy Citizens